67 Chevy LS3 Engine Swap
Tuning Ford ECU Engine Torque Maps

HP Tuners has a new update for you! VCM Suite 3.2 is now here!

Straight from HP Tuners:

"More features, more vehicle support and more reliability - VCM Suite 3.2 is all that and much more!
We've listened to your feedback after our 3.0 release and we've brought back a number of 2.24 

features missing in the initial release and added a number of new features you'll enjoy". To learn

more, click here: http://www.hptuners.com/forum/showthread.php?58421-VCM-Suite-3-2-is-here

We're loving this as the updates are awesome and now also include the ETC bidirectional re-learn

feature for the Dodge Viper we tuned here. Now, we no longer have to go to the Dodge dealer to

get this little issue taken care of. For this and the many other awesome things brought to the software

(as well as brought back to..), we say "Great work, HP Tuners"!!

More Congressional Representatives Co-sponsor RPM Act After Meeting With SEMA Members

By SEMA Washington, D.C., Staff

SEMA members have been instrumental in rallying dozens more members of Congress to co-sponsor the bipartisan RPM Act. Following the recent SEMA Rally in Washington, D.C., 13 more members of Congress have signed on to co-sponsor the bipartisan bill that, if passed, will guarantee that street vehicles can continue to be modified into race cars used exclusively on the track.

The racing industry is still at risk and remains at risk until the RPM Act is passed and signed into law. That’s because despite withdrawing a proposed racing regulation, the EPA continues to claim that it has the authority to regulate street cars modified exclusively for the track. The EPA’s assertion puts those with modified race cars—and the businesses that make products to support the practice—at risk of enforcement. The RPM Act is the only solution that would make it clear now and in the future that the law allows emissions-certified street vehicles to be modified and converted for competition use. Passage of the bill would end the EPA’s threat of enforcement and protect racing for generations to come.

“The RPM Act is critically important to the future of the racing industry,” said Susan Carpenter of JR Products, who participated in the Washington Rally. “It was great to sit down and talk to my legislators about the bill and what it means to the motorsports industry. The legislators I met with were receptive and interested, and their response to our outreach efforts underscores how our industry’s voice can make a difference.”

Communicating with legislators is one of the most effective ways to gain support for Congressional bills such as the RPM Act. Supporters are urged to reach out to their legislators by visiting www.sema.org/rpm to write letters, or inviting local Congressional representatives to tour their race-related businesses.

For help or information on how to make your voice heard, contact san@sema.org.

67 Chevy LS3 Engine Swap


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