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2-bar speed-density conversion

gm lsx pcm - HP Tuners custom Operating system

Have you, or do you plan on building your GM LSx-powered vehicle with forced induction? If so, you've probably heard about the 2-Bar and 3-Bar custom operating systems that HP Tuners offers as an upgrade over the stock OS that's limited to 1-Bar. Sure, you can take the cheap way out and try to re-scale the MAP sensor in the software calibration and try to bandage a tune together, but the proper way to do it is to upgrade to the HP Tuners custom OS of your choice. These custom OS's offered by HP Tuners are available for a wide variety of PCMs and operating systems and they offer features that allow you proper control over fueling and ignition under boosted conditions. It doesn't matter if you have a Gen III LS engine in a truck, a car, or a Gen IV engine in your vehicle or custom-built hot-rod. Chances are there's a 2- or 3-Bar OS upgrade available for your vehicle. And this is great news for folks who re-power their classic cars and want more power, efficiency and fuel economy than the original engine and transmission is capable of. There are guys out there that build cars like the one shown below, a 1967 Impala with a supercharged LS6 backed by a 4L65E trans and a high-stall converter. At the time of this writing, this car has over 70,000 miles on the odometer (the brake dust on the wheels gives this thing away as a daily driver) with the supercharged LS powertrain and the owner shows no signs of slowing down.

A 2-Bar custom OS allows a car like this to put down over 600 streetable horsepower while providing incredible drivability, fuel economy and idle control that you couldn't dream of getting with the original engine and trans. On the flip side of the coin are racing applications like the one shown below:

This car is used as a drift-racer and road-race car. There's a built LS tucked under there that puts out just shy of 800 horsepower and offers the fine throttle/transient control that a professional racer needs to hot-shoe a car like this around the track. With ultra-controllable transient throttle behavior and the ability to tune in the exact air-fuel ratio one desires for the track and environmental conditions at each particular race, you can bet that the custom OS that's available for the OEM computer counts for a good portion of the ability to win. The great thing for all LSx engine owners is that you can convert your factory-stock OS system to a custom OS in less than 2 minutes and for less than $100. Try telling anyone that's not a great deal! So, for all of you folks who think you have to go to an aftermarket stand-alone system to control big power made by boosted engines, think again. If you're ready to go forced induction and want to see how easy it is to convert your factory OS to the HP Tuners custom OS, check out the short video below and discover just how easy and painless this conversion is. Oh, and don't forget to enlarge the video to full-screen mode so that you can see the software settings in detail. Now have at it!