THIRD: Save the file in the appropriate folder. As you can see in the screen-shot below, this would be the "custom files" folder in the SD card (in this case, the SD card labelled "NGAUGE (E:)" drive. REMEMBER THIS: Firmware updates go in the Root folder of the nGauge memory, and custom calibrations should be saved into the "custom files" folder. Pretty simple and straightforward.

SECOND: Save the file. Just like any windows file saving procedure, you're prompted to enter the file name and the location you'd like to store the file in. In this case, we modified our stock file to work with E-85, so we simply called the file "E85" as that's how it will appear in the nGauge menu under Custom calibrations.

Now that the files have been saved to the custom files folder and the memory card and nGauge are installed in the car, the nGauge is ready to program the new calibrations and perform data logging and display whatever engine parameters you've selected from the menu.

​Watch the video below to see how it works in the car...

Multiple on-board tunes/calibrations for gm - PAGE 2

the hp tuners ngauge is a gauge, programmer and data-logger!

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