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To make sure that the programmable ignition works properly, you must lock out the distributor. While most late-model distributors have plenty of coverage as far as parts are concerned, including lock-out plates, you can't always buy what you need to make that happen on odd-ball distributors like this one, so you have to make one. But that's not hard. Just grab a solid piece of metal like the 1/4" thick 6061 aluminum plate we had lying around and make an exact copy of the piece that came out of your distributor by tracing the original part onto a piece of card-board and then transfer the design over and cut accordingly. Next up, drill out the holes for the distributor components, but keep them tight so that when placed together, the components are locked together. In the photos below you can see our new cut plate along with the final installation of the plate in the distributor. We painted and coated the plate to prevent corrosion. We re-installed the springs just to help keep things buttoned down, but they don't move as the locking plate prevents any and all movement of the rotor mechanism.

At this stage you can get to installing the Ignition Controller. We chose to tuck the unit into the back of the car just behind the front trunk wall. You can see the trunk below. Notice the trick method for opening the trunk? The hydraulic ram acts on the right side of the trunk lid and operates via a switch on the dash. That hydraulic cylinder is overkill, but they used what they had...

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Get the most out of your distributor ignition

Now we re-wire the ignition coil and pick-up using the supplied Deutsch connectors and we eliminate the ballast resister.

Having removed the front trunk wall and cover, we mounted the 6AL on the supplied rubber isolators right next to the hydraulic pump. The wire harness was then loomed for protection and run along the underside of the car tucked within the frame rail.

Now the distributor can go back together with the new electronic solid-state pick-up installed. The wires for the pick-up are run through the same holes in the distributor that served the original points.